Zuzka and Her Secrets to a Fit Body

Dears, today we decided to write about a wonderful lady appreciated for her powerful mind. Zuzka Light or Zuzana is very well known in the fitness world. With thousands of views on YouTube, she has conquered all of us, because she shows determination and a strong connection between mind and body. Among the fitness practitioners on YouTube she is by far the best, with well prepared and well thought workouts. Her motivation and her passion made us fall in love with her and if you check out one of her workouts you’ll understand why.

ZuzkaLight - Zuzka and The Secrets to a Fit Body

Zuzka via youtube.com

When we decided to put her on our walk of fame we had some good reasons. So let’s see why we just simply adore this girl.

#1 She strongly believes in a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts and healthy meals.

#2 For the last six years she motivated people through her video workouts to get in good shape and have a healthy way of living.

#3 She shines even when she works out and no matter how hard the workout is she never gives up.

#4 Her exercises are for everyone: beginners, medium or advanced. She presents a proper way to exercise for everybody.

#5 She believes in a powerful connection between body, mind and soul.

#6 Her workouts are short (5, 1 or 15 minutes), but very effective because of their high-intensity. And because like many of us she hates going at the gym she does her exercises at home with minimal sport gear. Don’t worry if you don’t have all those items, she always finds an alternative for them. Smart, right?

#7 The exercises are focusing on all the areas of the body and they are thought to be highly effective.

#8 She practices real time workouts and she really has the power to motivate anyone. Just watch one of her videos and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

#9 She strongly believes that a constant routine will offer your body the perfect shape and condition.

#10 Her secret that she shares with us is that she avoids sugar at any costs.

#11 Her passion and ambition can really move mountains.

#12 Her rule: Never. Give. Up.

If you want to discover more and to enter Zuzka’s world you can check her Facebook, her YouTube page or her new website zuzkalight.com

So stay fit and follow her!

 Cover via youtube.com

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