13 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Youth Now!

13 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Youth Now!

Being young is a good excuse for almost anything. There’s no rushing into adulthood. Instead, you should enjoy every moment while you’re still young!

To give you a hint of what we’re talking about, here are a few things you should do now, while you’re still young, to make your life full of memories and enjoy things as they really should be!

1. Do crazy things to your hair. Make it blue, cut it short, braid it. Go wild while it doesn’t matter yet.

2. There is no such thing as instant messaging. Don’t rush into answering texts or messages instantly if you don’t feel like doing that. The message will still be there for when you have time to actually compose a real answer.

BFF's - 20 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Youth

3. Keep making new friends. Knowing new people all the time will help you choose the group you feel best with.

4. If you don’t like doing something, stop doing it. Don’t stay in your hometown ‘just because’, do whatever you feel is right for you. This way you will discover yourself better and find your true passions.

5. Keep doing sports. There’s always a reason you should be in shape.

Gossip - 20 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Youth

6. Never say ‘no’ to a free drink! When you’ll be older, if you accept one they might think it would be inappropriate because you might either be an alcoholic or you can’t afford one yourself. So now is the best time to think ‘Why not?’

7. A party is a gift that’s always welcomed. Don’t worry about being hungover in the morning, it only gets worse with the years.

Party time - 20 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Youth

8. Buy second-hand clothes. They’re cheap, they’re everywhere and fashion doesn’t really matter anyway. Spend more money making real memories.

9. Learn to cook. It will save you money and your body will be grateful later.

10. Go on road trips more often. Get on the highest peak near you. Conquer them all one by one.

Road trip fun - 20 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Youth

11. Travel the world. See the most of it while you’re in shape for long walks and exotic foods.

12. Let you friends pay the check this time. Don’t be embarrassed to let a friend with a better paycheck buy you lunch from time to time. You’ll catch up with him later.


Enjoy the moment - 20 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Youth

13. Stay up late. Or early in the morning. You won’t be able to party all night long when you’ll be on your own feet, with a family and a job to go to early in the morning. And your body won’t handle it either when you’ll be older.

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