Ways to Do Stuff Without Your Smartphone

Ways to Do Stuff Without Your Smartphone

How about turning off your smartphone for one day and just have fun? For most of us this sounds apocalyptic but turning off our smartphones for a day could be in fact fun and beneficial.

You probably think about the worse scenarios but sit down and relax. Nothing bad will happen. It will only make you feel less stressed and you will enjoy to the fullest your day.

You can do tons of things without being tempted to check your Facebook account from 5 to 5 minutes. Your staying away from your smartphone will be a good thing because you can rediscover the world you live in and the things you pass through every day without even knowing they are there. You’ll have not only time for yourself but also for your family and friends. So it’s time to connect with your inner world!

Here are some things you can do without your smartphone.

Girl in the Nature - Ways to Do Stuff Without Your Smartphone

#1 Take a road trip

A road trip is always a great experience. You get to know new people, talk with them and discover new places. It’s also a great opportunity to reconnect with your friends.

#2 Cook something good

Pamper yourself. Cook something you long for long time. Invite your friends at dinner and have hourly conversations. You can also just invite your boyfriend and surprise him with a delicious meal.

 #3 Learn something new

If you don’t have your smartphone with you doesn’t mean you are lost. There are thousands of ways to do new things by yourself. You can start a new course. For example, you can start taking dance classes and relax.

Girl Reading - Ways to Do Stuff Without Your Smartphone

 #4 Read

Start reading a new book or just browse a magazine or a newspaper. The feeling you get by touching the paper cannot compete with the one you get by browsing your smartphone.

#5 Start painting

Always wanted to paint something but you were afraid you have no talent? Stop worrying about it. Just buy a canvas, some oils and brushes and start experimenting. You might fail but you might as well find how good you are at arts.

 #6 Redecorate your home

Most people find redecorating relaxing and fun. One day without your smartphone can be the day when you finally start your redecoration project you postponed for months. Once you start it you will want to do so many things.

#7 Make a classic shopping list

No phone, remember? So take a pen and a notebook and put down the things you need. You used to like doing this before you got your smartphone.

Girl at the Museum - Ways to Do Stuff Without Your Smartphone

#8 Visit a museum

After the morning coffee make time and go at the museum. Take a friend with you or go alone if you need time for yourself. It’s been a while since your last visit.

#9 See a movie

Make a girl’s night and watch together old movies. Your friends will be happy to see you again and you will have lot of fun.

Men taking pictures  - Ways to Do Stuff Without Your Smartphone

#10 Take pictures with your old camera

Taking pictures is not only about using your smartphone camera and posting it on the social networks. Make it fun and only for yourself. Take the city and immortalize the things you like the most. Nice pictures mean happy memories.

#11 Family time

Visit your grandparents. Spend some quality time with them and talk about everything. They will appreciate your visit and you’ll feel spoiled once again.

#12 Begin your DIY project

Design your own necklace or redesign an old t-shirt. You can as well make some cute potteries for you and your friends.

Woman Exercising - Ways to Do Stuff Without Your Smartphone

#13 Meditate

It’s your time so take advantage of it and meditate, relax and enjoy every moment of it.

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