Warming Winter Drinks

Warming Winter Drinks

Winter is everywhere now and we have to admit that this year it’s a little bit chilling. Hm.., what to do, what to do?! A nice warm drink will change the vibe for sure. Get ready to find out about our options and enjoy the view!

The first awesome drink on our list is the amazing and creamy hot cocoa. It looks perfect doesn’t it? It’s the best drink for the weekend, for the time spent with your friends, family and of course with your sweetheart. Rich and thick, with a touch of cinnamon, prep your special cup and start savoring it!


Hot Cocoa With Cream

And what is that, you will ask? Is that suitable to appear on this list? Well, yes it does because a pinch of alcohol in your drink will warm you up and make you smile too. Our recipe is simple and you won’t have any problems while preparing this cocktail. All you need is a gorgeous glass, 1 part of cherry vodka, 4 parts of soda and a red cherry. Mix the liquids all together and pour it into your magnificent glass, add the cherry and enjoy!


Cherry Cocktail

Are you having a great day outdoors with your friends and you need something warmly? How about preparing  a hot tea or hot chocolate or even some mulled wine. It sounds tasty and the smell is really divine.


Girl Holding Hot Drink

If you want to impress your guests you can serve the tea and the mulled wine in wonderful glass cups and you have to personalize each and every cup. Use lots of orange slices, red berries, cinnamon sticks, star anise and cloves. Your warming bar will be fabulous for sure.


Hot Mulled Wine With Oranges


Mulled Wine With Cinnamon

Wait girls, the final ingredient on our list is the incredible hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows! Add a few in every cup with hot choco drink and let the heat fill your body on a cold winter day!


Hot Chocolate

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