Tips & Tricks to Sleep like a Baby

Tips & Tricks to Sleep like a Baby

Sometimes, no matter how much sleep we get, it just never seems to be enough.

We hit that snooze button faster that the speed of light and we would just lay there in bed, waiting for the day to end. But sleep is essential. It is the process that acts like a charger to our bodies and it should be done right.

A good night sleep can cure anything, especially if it’s done regularly. So here are a few tips to make your beauty sleep refreshing and worth while!

Colorful pillows

1. Make your bed cozy and comfortable

The most important thing to do for a good night sleep is making your bed as comfortable as you can. The mattress and the pillows you use are very important. Choose the ones that fit you best. And remember to change the mattress every 5 to 7 years, as it get unbalanced in time and can cause back pain.

Sleep well

2. Cut out any distraction

Block all the light and leave all your thoughts locked until the morning. Try to keep your mind blank and let all the over day stress, to do lists and worries somewhere else. You can’t do any of them during the night anyway, so try to keep all distractions away.

Also, blocking out all the lights will make your sleep even more efficient. Cover up all the LED’s, drop all the curtains and keep the phone away, so you won’t be tempted to check out Facebook. Plus, when your alarm rings in the morning, you’re gonna have to get out of bed to stop it.

Listen to music at night

3. Add a bit of ‘white noise’

Try to put on a white noise generator. You can listen to waves, wind or other natural background noise, it will help you “brainwash” all the worries away.

Don’t use regular music or fall asleep with the TV on, or else you might train your brain to need them in order to fall asleep.

Studying late at night

4. Postpone important work until morning to rest

Staying up late to study may be efficient, but only before a certain point. Falling asleep at the desk with your head on a stack of books is something you wouldn’t want to happen, as it is both uncomfortable and inefficient. So study as late as you want to, but when it doesn’t seem to work anymore, just go to sleep.

Sleep will fix in your memory everything you have studied so far and will prepare you for what is still left to learn. It is like a restart button, making your “engine” work better.


5. Make a sleep schedule and keep it

Making a sleep schedule will train your body to go to sleep the minute your head hits the pillow. So try to sleep at the same hour everyday, and don’t vary by more than an hour.

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