Tips to Define and Cultivate Your Own Style

Tips to Define and Cultivate Your Own Style

It is OK to be a girl who keeps up with trends and tries to be stylish and fashionable, but it is not such a good idea to follow fashion blindly. If you want to be really special, if you want to be noticed and admired you will not succeed if you look and get dressed like all the other girls your age do. And changing yourself as often as the fashion changes is really wrong.

You need to know who you are and be yourself if you want to have a happy life. And when it comes to fashion, the most important thing is to be original and find your own style. You don’t have to be against trends, you don’t have to be old-fashioned. On the contrary, you can be very trendy without being a fashion slave.

Here are some tips about what you should do to define and cultivate your own style:

Find out who you really are!

Mirror Girl - Tips to Define and Cultivate Your Own Style

Mirror Girl

You will have to take into consideration two aspects: your personality and your body. Your outfits should express yourself. Don’t try to be somebody else! It is not going to work and it is not going to make you happy.

Ask yourself who you are deep inside and choose the fashion style that express your personality best. Then look in the mirror and analyze your body. Be honest with yourself! See which are your physical qualities and which are that small imperfections.

To find your own style you have to know who you are, what suits you best, what you like and what you don’t like.

Dare to be different!


Original Flower Power Girl

Be original and unique! Don’t be afraid to look different! Each one of us is unique and has her own beauty. That’s what makes people so special. So, when you choose your clothes, pick up what you like, no matter what others say.

Buy the clothes you like!


Choosing Clothes

You don’t need that super fashionable friend of yours, who considers herself to be a fashion expert, to tell you what items to buy when you go shopping for clothes.

No, darling! You can buy cool and trendy clothes without her. She may be a real fashionista, but you are not her, you are yourself, don’t try to become somebody else!

Trust yourself! You are the one who knows best what’s good for you, what suits you, what clothes make you feel beautiful and comfortable. You don’t need to be a hardcore fashionista to know what you like.

Keep in mind that you should feel good in your own skin!


Beautiful Hippie Girl

And in your own outfit as well. Wear the clothes that make you feel good and comfortable. No matter what the others say, you don’t have to wear something if you don’t feel like being yourself in that outfit.

Identify the colors that best suit you


 Cool Original Girl

The colors you wear should suit your complexion, your eyes, your hair and your personality. Find the palette that is the best for you!

Find a tailor


At the Tailor

You need some unique items in your wardrobe, something that cannot be found in fashion stores. You need clothes designed specially for you. For that, darling, you need to find yourself a talented tailor.

Your signature fashion item


Beautiful Girl with Scarf

You definitely need a signature, something that defines you and your style. Crazy about handmade earrings? You love to wear sunglasses no matter the season? High heels are your biggest passion? Is your wardrobe full of scarves? Find out what is that item you love best and use it as your own signature.

Mix-up old and new


Vintage Beautiful Lady

Don’t be afraid to mix up different styles. Add something vintage to your fashionable look. Wear a trendy outfit and accessorize it with some old jewelry from your mother’s collection.You may find in there amazing items, belive me.

Your perfume


Perfume Lady

The perfume you use is very important too. Find that amazing scent that best suits you and use it all the time.

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