Tips for Perfect Curls Without Heat

Tips for Perfect Curls Without Heat

Ever tryed to curl up your hair without termic tools? You would be amazed of how many ways there are to make perfect curls without damaging your hair!

If you are using a curling iron too often, you hair will damage quickly and you can end up having sliced tips. So if nature didn’t give you the curliness and you just have to have it, then you should try to use the healthiest methods possible.

Braid it

Princess Curly Locks

You can braid your hair using big strands while it is still wet, then let it dry naturally. Select smaller strands when you open the braids up after it’s dried, then apply a bit of hair spray on each lock separately.

Water-based leave-in sprays

Perfect Side Curls

Use water-based hair creams and sprays specially made for curls. So if your hair has messy waves, it will define them and add a bit of shine to your natural locks and make them last.

Volume, volume, volume

Blonde Combed Curls and Straight Bangs

Hair curlers are always the best option for non-heat curls, but be careful which one you choose. You wouldn’t want to wake up with a headache in the morning, would you? There are small, softer ones on the market. When you wake up, get them off and comb your hair to add a bit of volume.

Flexi Rods

Classic Rough Curls

Flexi Rods are really easy to use, fix and get off afterwards. Just remember to add a bit of hair mousse just before twisting your hair up, while wet, then sleep on it. You will look gorgeous in the morning!

Twist it

Playful Curly Hair

You can also twist or knot your hair for wider curls. It is a very healthy way to make your hair curly, without heat or other tools. Twist it, turn it, knot it.

Pin curls

Big Pronounced Blonde Curls

Pin curls are the easiest way to get your curls. Just pin it up exactly how you want your curls to be. Just roll small hair strand around your finger until you reach the scalp, gently take the finger out and pin it. Try using wide pins, so it won’t leave unwanted waves on your perfect-to-be curls.

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