Tips and Tricks for Healty Nails

Tips and Tricks for Healty Nails

We all try to keep our nails healthy because they sometimes are our personal visiting card. Sometimes our nails give us a hard day. We snag them in our clothes, nylons or our hair, or they just seem to be in a bad shape for a long time.

We all try to find the best treatments to make our nails stronger. So we tried to make a list of do’s and don’t’s for healthy and strong nails.


If you want to maintain a certain level of hydration to your nails and hands, do wear rubber gloves when washing dishes.

Always use a moisturizer for your hands and nails. You should make applying hand-cream to you hands an every night habit.

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Make you manicure every week. It will stop the uncontrolled growth of your cuticles and will give a constant shape to your nails.

Keep your nails short. It’s easier to maintain their health.

You should always have a nail file in your purse. In case of emergencies you’ll be ready.

Your nails’ health depends on what you eat. So eat proteins to keep you nails healthy.

Drink water. It helps hydrating not only your body, but your nails too.

Use nail products based on: castor oil, shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, borage oil or avocado oil. They have properties such as: hydration, regeneration and smoothness.

Use cuticles products like cuticle oils and different fast cuticle remover.

Before applying the nail polish use a vitamin B, E or D based strengthener.

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Don’t take too long baths or stay too long in water with your hands. The chlorine will affect the hardness of your nails.

Don’t wait until your nail polish sheds. Remove it with a nail polish remover.

Don’t bite your nails. You will never have healthy nails and cuticles if you don’t get rid of  this habit.

Don’t put your hands in solutions which contain chemicals because you nails will become fragile.

So you have to give your nails and hands the right attention if you want to have strong, healthy and beautiful nails.

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