Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships

Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are bound to each other. We need the others to love us and we need to love them back.

This is how we are made and there is nothing we can do to change it. And the truth is we don’t have any reason to want that. Because this is what makes us people so special, the fact that we have a soul who needs to always be in a relation to other souls.

Besides our family who is there from the beginning, in a lifetime we meet a lot of people. Some of them become almost as important as the family is. They are called friends. And friendship is one of the most precious gifts we receive in this world.


Happy Best Friends

If you want to be happy and always feel comfortable with yourself, you need to keep good relationships with the important people in your life. Here are some basic things you should try to do:

First of all, know yourself! You cannot be in good relations with the others if you don’t know who you are and don’t have a good relationship with yourself.  Be honest with you, see which are your qualities and admit your defects. Try to correct the latter ones.

Stay away from people who pull you down. Surround yourself with good, kind and smart people. Don’t look for the company of bad people who can pull you down or teach you bad habits.

See who your true friends are. Not all those people who pretend to be your friends are true ones. Pay attention around and see which are the ones that you can really call “friends”.

… and stay in better touch with them. Unfortunately, sometimes we ignore our true friends, just because we feel like we deserve them to be there. This is not a good attitude at all! Cherish real friendship and always keep these friends around you.


Best Friends

Give people you don’t know a fair chance. Who knows? They may become your best friends one day!

Accept people just the way they are. This rule is very important. Stop trying to change people the way you want. They cannot be all like you. Accept them just like they are. And if you want to correct their defects, do it with diplomacy.

Make people smile as often as possible. But don’t transform yourself into a clown who’s only good at jokes.

Never look for revenge! When someone hurts you, revenge will not help anyone. Why not try to pray for them to change, to feel sorry for what they did to you and become better people? This may be a better “revenge”.

Forgive people and learn to say “forgive me” too when you do a mistake. This is a basic rule. Without forgiveness we cannot have good relationships with people and we cannot be happy. We all do mistakes, sometimes big mistakes. The good part is that we also have this ability of forgiving and moving on.



Be loyal! This is a priority for a good relationship.

Give what you want to receive! And you want to receive love, respect, understanding, sympathy and kindness, right?

A secret is a secret and you have to keep it! If you are not able to do that, don’t expect the others to trust you!

Offer your helping hand, do something nice for the others as often as possible.


Holding Hands

Keep your promises! This is a must if you want to be trusted!

Don’t hate anyone, negative feelings will turn your heart into a stone! And a stone cannot feel anything. Not even happiness.


Stone Heart

Don’t be selfish! Think about the others more.

You are not always right, you have to admit that! Pay attention to what the others say and try to understand their point of view. Try to talk a little less and listen more!

Share! Share things, feelings and secrets. Sharing is very important in a friendship.

Never be envious or gelous! This will make you feel sad all the time. Be thankful and happy for what you have and don’t look at the others.



Open your heart and don’t be afraid to love! Yes, you may be hurt and yes, you may feel disappointed sometimes. But you must take this risk of opening your heart and love people around if you want to find real happiness.

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