The Enemies of Healthy Hair

The Enemies of Healthy Hair

There is nothing that can make you as beautiful and attractive as a shiny healthy hair! Don’t ever forget how important your hair’s health is! Remember that you always have to take good care of your hair.If you notice that you have a problem, that your hair is breaking off and falling, if it’s too oily or too dry, if you have dandruff, don’t neglect these problems! Try to solve them as soon as possible.
Use the hair-care products that are right for you and try to avoid the things that can destroy your hair. Everyday our hair has to fight against a lot of enemies, things that are really harmful for it. If you wanna help your hair stay beautiful, shiny and healthy you should know which are its most dangerous enemies and try to keep your hair away from these things as much as possible.

Hair styling and hair dye products

Dyied hair - The Enemies of Healthy Hair

Too many chemical hair styling products can be really harmful for your hair. Try not to use hair-fixative spray or foam so often. I know that some hairdos really need these products but you should think about what is more important for you: a healthy, strong and shiny hair or just a sophisticated hairdo?
Hair dyes are dangerous for your hair too. Well, I really do believe that there is no other hair color that can make you more beautiful than your own natural one. But if you just don’t like it and you’ve already began to dye your hair, you should take a very good care of it. Use special hair-care products for dyed hair or color your hair with natural products.

Hair dryers and hair straighteners

Streightener - The Enemies of Healthy Hair

Heat is a great enemy of our hair. That’s why hair dryers, straighteners or curling irons are very dangerous. Let your hair dry by itself, use the hair dryer only when you are in a big hurry and you don’t have time for that. But don’t use it every time you wash your hair.
Using straighteners or curling irons every day is also a bad habit that will make your hair unhappy and unhealthy.
Well, of course there are special occasions when you have to do something special to your hair and you need all these hairstyling instruments. My advice is to use them only when it is necessary, but not too often.

Unhealthy diet

Diet - The Enemies of Healthy Hair

Just like your skin, your hair reflects your eating and living style. You should know that the unhealthy stuff you eat are dangerous for your hair’s health. A beautiful hair needs a healthy diet, a lots of vitamins and minerals. Try not to make abuses when you eat sweets and fats. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water!


Your hair is falling? Too much stress can be the reason. Try to relax. This will help you a lot. And your hair will be happy and healthy!

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