The Best New Year’s Eve Destinations

The Best New Year’s Eve Destinations

On New Year world cities put on their most beautiful coats, they sparkle and offer everyone spectacular views.If you are crazy about traveling and you love discovering new places on New Year’s Eve then you should check the destinations we have picked for you. If you decide to visit Paris then you’ll be surrounded by romance, Rome will conquer you with its great weather and divine architecture. Venice will offer you a maritime experience, while London will be the perfect setting if you wish a more royal New Year’s Eve. For a fairytale New Year’s Eve Disneyland is the place to go. New York can offer a crowded, but glamorous experience, while Miami will be a spot hot for New Year.

1. Rome, Italy

There are several reasons why you should visit Rome on the New Year’s Eve. We bring you just some and wait for yours to complete our list. On New Year’s Eve or La Festa di San Silvestro, the capital of Italy is like an updated place. All the important squares are filled with people form all over around the world and they offer great traditional shows for those ready to try them. From the best places to be on the New Year’s Eve in Rome you should try Piazza del Popolo, the impressive Colosseum or Via dei Fori Imperiali. All these places will host live performances and spectacular fireworks that will offer a different, but astonishing  perspective of the historical monuments.

Colosseum Rome Italy - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations

Rome, Italy

2. London, UK

Visiting London on New Year’s Eve would be quite a memorable trip because this city is always big on celebrations. Deciding on what to do won’t be easy because you will have to choose between: the magnificent New Year’s Eve firework display over the Thames, cabaret, comedy and numerous night clubs. No matter what you will choose one thing is for sure: you will feel great. And because this city never sleeps, if you still feel you want something nice to do on the 1st day of the year you can visit some of the most world famous museums. On New Year’s Day some of the London’s great attractions and museums are opened to its visitors.

Fireworks Over Big Ben London - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations

London, UK

3. Boston, USA

Like any big city, Boston will surprise you with fancy parties, but also affordable ones. New Year’s Eve is called here First Night and is known to last from 1 p.m. to midnight on December 31. The event usually gathers more then 1 million people. If you like something more quiet you can watch the amazing fireworks from any point of the city.

Fireworks Over Boston - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations

Boston, USA

4. Sydney, Australia

If there is a place where the fireworks offer the best show in the world that is Sydney Harbour.  And because this time of the year in Australia it’ summer time you don’t need any more reasons to go and watch the amazing show. Traveling to Sydney for New Year’s Eve will be quite an impressive experience. If you decide to stay a few more days in January then you will be blessed with the Sydney Festival, a festival that celebrates arts and we know that at this chapter the capital of the New South Wales has a lot to offer.

Fireworks Sydney On New Year's Eve - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations

Sydney, Australia

5. Frankfurt, Germany

Traveling back to Europe, Frankfurt is another great place from where you can welcome the new year. Watching the fireworks display at 12.00 o’clock is a must. There are many great spots from where to enjoy the show like Old Opera House, the bridges of the Main river or the Romerberg Marketplace. Forget about the cold weather outside and watch the majestic fireworks because it doesn’t happen to be every year on the New Year’s Eve in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt On New Year's Eve - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations

Frankfurt, Germany

6. Miami, USA

Watching the fireworks show from the beach will be a great New Year’s Eve experience. Miami is the place to be on this time of the year if you love the beach, the open air parties and concerts under the stars.  For those willing to party after the fireworks the city has some good venues and clubs, most with open bars and good food.

Miami On New Year's Eve - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations

Miami, USA

7. Disneyland, New York

How to celebrate the most awaited party of the year? Well, you must take your friends and celebrate the New Year’s Eve at Disneyland. All your childhood favourite characters will be there and the fireworks, the brilliant visual effects will make everything look amazing. Even the Sleeping Beauty Castle will look more magical!

New Year's Celebration At Disneyworld - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations


8. Paris, France

There are plenty of ways to the New Year’s Eve in Paris. The city of lights will make it the greatest experience of all. You can enjoy the fireworks that will lighten up the Tour Eiffel from the Champs-Elysees or The Sacre Coeur plaza in Mortmartre. Most of all remember that you are in the land of good wines and drinking wine or champagne on the New Year’s Eve is a must.

Paris Eiffel Tower Fireworks - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations

Paris, France

9. New York, USA

If you are lucky enough to be in Times Square on the New Year’s Eve  then you will love the dazzling lights and great energy of the place. Every year the place gathers about one million people that count down and welcome the new year. And of course, the performances are as awesome as the place itself since many celebrities offer quite a show. One of the greatest moments that shouldn’t be missed is the Time Square Confetti Release and the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball pyrotechnic effects show.

Times Square New Year - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations

New York, USA

10. Venice, Italy

Being in a place filled with history and impressive architecture on the New Year’s Eve is a unique experience. Don’t worry if you cannot afford a trendy party at the Casino, spending the New Year’s Eve in Piazza San Marco and enjoying the communal kissing will be quite a magical time. If you want a more chill setting to see the fireworks try Punta della Dogana.

Venice New Years Eve Fireworks - The Best New Year's Eve Destinations

Venice, Italy

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