Thanksgiving Easy Desserts Ideas

Thanksgiving Easy Desserts Ideas

Thanksgiving is around the corner and you need some easy and healthy deserts ideas? You came to the right place!Thanksgiving is about tons, but lets face it, delicious food. We all fall for it and end up feeling guilty after we worked so hard in the gym the entire year. So we checked some easy and healthy recipes for your Thanksgiving dessert that you will surely love.

The idea was to pick some base for our desserts and because we wanted to be something healthy it was very easy. We opted for fruits. The following recipes are just guidelines, you don’t need to opt for exactly the same fruits just use your imagination and replace them with the ones you love.

#1 The first one will make everyone happy because you can pick at least three types of fruits. Peel some bananas and slice them in halves. Add some slices of kiwi, oranges and fresh cherries and strawberries. If the last ones are hard to find then replace them with grapes.

Banana Cherry Chocolate - Thanksgiving Easy Desserts Ideas

Banana Cherry Kiwi and Oranges with Chocolate Topping

#2 Strawberries are always welcomed and great antioxidant sources. There are thousands of ways to prepare them and it takes a few minutes to get your dessert served. You can wash and just eat them or you can mix them with fresh yogurt and optional muesli. For more flavor and freshness add some mint leaves. You’ll see that after eating that delicious turkey this dessert will be exactly what you need.

Delicious Dessert - Thanksgiving Easy Desserts Ideas

Delicious Strawberry Desert

Yogurt and Fruits - Thanksgiving Easy Desserts Ideas

Yogurt, Muesli and Strawberries

#3 Another great dessert is preparing some fresh forest fruits with whipped cream. Yes, is Thanksgiving and you can afford a little bit of sweetness. Not too much but just some to make your dinner perfect.

Dessert Whipped Cream Strawberries - Thanksgiving Easy Desserts Ideas

Dessert Whipped Cream Strawberries

#4 You like something with more texture to combine with fruits? Then no worries. Some muesli and plummy cookies will combine great with fresh fruits. You can make these cookies one day before Thanksgiving and instead of sugar put some honey. They will be flavored and delicious. When plating put slices of fresh avocado, mango, oranges and pineapple. Yummy, right?

Fruits and Cookies - Thanksgiving Easy Desserts Ideas

Fruits and Cookies

Now you have the basis of your Thanksgiving dessert. The recipes are simple, yet yummy and healthy. You can make your own too and share them with us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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