Sweet Flirt

Sweet Flirt

Everybody love flirting because is one of the things that make us know each other better. Like everything in life, flirting also has some basic rules that we tend to follow. Of course, that flirting is about going with the flow and feeling great, but is also about simple rules we unconsciously follow.

1. Smile. If you are interested in someone then he would definitely love to see a positive person in you. So smile, be happy and flirt. He would also feel good and it would be easy for both of you to start a conversation.

2. Be confident. Don’t worry about what he will think about you. Just be yourself and not somebody else. If he is interested in you he will love the real you. Tell him exactly what you think, being sincere is the best thing for you.

3. Do tell jokes. If you are a funny person then do tell funny jokes if you feel they are appropriate and of course he is that kind of person too. Usually, a joke is exactly what you need to make the conversation pleasant.

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4. Enjoy the moment. Keep in mind that is not about yesterday or tomorrow. It’s all about the present time so live it!

5. Share. Ask him things you would like to know about him and tell him what you like and how you really are. Sharing things about yourselves would bring you two closer.

6. Affection is the key. Be affectionate and show him this either by words, simple gestures and eye contact.

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7. Pay attention. If you really like the person then paying full attention to what he likes, do and think is the right thing. Make him feel like he’s very important to you and he will do the same for you.

8. Surprise him. Let him know that you care. Every time you have the chance show him that you know everything he said to you, what he likes the most or simple but nice things that he will cherish.

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