Spring Training Tips

Spring Training Tips

Kick off spring with a healthy start by breaking up your routine with outdoor exercises. Get into the best shape of your life!Spring is officially in the air! Boost your mood and get ready for a new start. But firstly, make efforts to start out slowly and turn up the intensity just a bit each week. Take advantage of warmer springtime temperatures and try moving your workout outside, you’ll find that outdoor exercise is extremely open-ended.

Happy Girl-Spring Training Tips

Happy Girl

Don’t stick to the same workout routine for too long. A great way to keep your workouts interesting is to select a variety of activities you find enjoyable and rotate, or try one new cardiovascular workout each week for a month, such as going for a hike, walking a new trail, taking up jogging, jumping rope or getting your bike for a ride. In this way, you’re always doing something new when you’re exercising. 

Mountain Bike Girl-Spring Training Tips

Mountain Bike Girl

Here are 10 essential tips for starting a fitness/exercise program and keeping up with it:

1. Plan a balanced program.

2. Be sure to hydrate throughout the day.

3. It is very important to avoid injury by making time for a pre-workout warm up and a post-workout cool down.

4. Whenever you find yourself making excuses, replace any negative thoughts with positive messages such as, “I feel great” or “Come on, you can do it!”. 

5. Stay motivated by keeping a fitness journal from Day 1.

6. Give yourself fitness goals and listen to your body.

7. Pump up your playlist.

8. Try to find a workout buddy because the two of you will motivate one another and help each other succeed.

9. Match your workouts to the temperatures.

10. Reward yourself by buying a new workout outfit to make you feel refreshed, vibrant and comfortable!

Girl Running in the Morning -Spring Training Tips

Girl Running in the Morning

Enjoy the spring, eat smart, get healthy, sleep well, find your ideal weight and feel beautiful inside and out! Respect and love your body!

Satisfaction-Spring Training Tips


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