Romantic Picnic

Romantic Picnic

Love is in the air, the birds are singing in the sky and we want to organize a romantic picnic! Get ready to blow his mind with a smashing picnic day!

What to bring?

Let’s start getting ready, girls! First, for this romantic event we definitely need to find an old-fashioned picnic basket. Yes, it has to be a basket because it will bring to your picnic a special and romantic touch! Next, you should choose two sparkling-wine glasses. They can be a little more to handle on your trip but they are far more romantic than plastic. Also you will have to savor with your loved one a real champagne or at least some sparkling wine. Yaaay, the romantic mood is taking over the place!


Romantic Picnic At The Beach

Romantic picnic foods!

The picnic menu has to be planed with love and great care. You can prepare some delicious and cute sandwiches, you can bring delicate fruits, small cuts of meats, some veggies and a couple of sauces to spice them all up. To take your menu to the next level you have to add to your basket fresh strawberries and fine gourmet treats like truffles and caviar! The cherry on top for this romantic picnic is the decadent chocolate. Don’t leave your home without it! And the darker it is the more romantic your date will be.


Great Picnic Accessories

Find that perfect spot!

Now that we managed to find the basket and to create the menu we have to find the best picnic spot in the universe! We can pick a picnic corner with an interesting scenery. An great view will relax you and your boyfriend and you will have tons of romantic moments for sure. Are you looking for something more? The beach is a great choice too! The sound of the waves, the sun and the breeze will take you to another world. Of course you will have to go there when all the people will have left, this way you won’t be bothered and you can confess your love over and over again.


Perfect Picnic

It’s high time to get back to nature!  If you want to enjoy fresh air you can organize your romantic picnic in the park. It will be amazing to have a quick bite with your loved one after a wonderful car ride. Or, there’s a great new idea! You can stop your car somewhere near a forest and have your picnic there. Just awesome and spontaneous and romantic!


Sunny Picnic Day


French Style Picnic

Exotic places can be some wonderful spots too! And why not try going to a rooftop or having your romantic picnic on a boat or at a vineyard? It would be fantastic for sure. And yes, the best place ever is the Eiffel Tower. If you want to totally make an impression, you can organize a romantic day in Paris, the city of love!


Instant Romantic Picnic

Girls, this romantic picnic is going to be perfect and your day will remain in the history of your relationship! Just have fun and let yourselves be taken to the wonderful land of love and romance!


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