Reasons You Should Date a Shorter Guy

Reasons You Should Date a Shorter Guy

Have you ever considered the good parts of dating a shorter guy? If you haven’t, then you should find them out right now!

I’m sure you thought about it at least once, when you met a guy that seemed perfect, but you wouldn’t go on with it because of his height. You should know that you might have lost that one true love because of that. Sure, you might feel too tall around him, but that’s not a bad thing after all!

Here are a few wonderful things about dating shorter men that might change your mind.

Short guys are more confident

Short guys compensate their height with a big bag of confidence. This is also known as the “Napoleon Complex”, as Napoleon is known to have been quite short, but full of ambition. Like him, short guys are ready to get anything they want and are willing to work hard for it, as well as earn respect from the others.

You are expanding your opportunities

As you might have ignored the shorter “fish in the sea”, changing your mind about it will definitely expand your opportunities and the chances for you to find your one true love grow considerably.

You will be a true supermodel

By his side you will look like the true supermodel you have ever wished to become. It’s all about the surroundings. So why not use that in your advantage?

Shorter guys live longer

Shorter guys have longer life expectancy than an average height or tall man. Yes, this is a scientifically proven fact. They can be there for you longer than a tall guy could have.

Cuteness overload

Short guys are just adorable. Admit it. You thought about it before. You should definitely try dating one now.

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