Love Bridges in Paris – To Seal Your Love Forever

Love Bridges in Paris – To Seal Your Love Forever

They say you only have one shot for true love in a lifetime. If you think that you have found it, why not seal it… with a padlock?

Lovers have been locking padlocks engraved with their names or initials to bridges crossing river Seine for years now. They throw the key in the river afterwards, so their love would stay sealed forever. Where else, if not in “The City of Love” – Paris?

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Love Locks on Pont des Arts

The officials are not really happy about it. One night in 2010, all the padlocks on Pont des Arts that had been put by lovers for years had just disappeared, so the architecture of the bridges would be kept intact. But it wouldn’t last. In just a few months, tourists from all over the world filled them right back, hoping for their love to last forever.

Love Bridge in Paris

Colorful lockets on The Love Bridge – via

Between 1802 and 1804, under the reign of Napoleon I, a nine-arch metallic bridge for pedestrians was constructed at the location of the present day Pont des Arts: this was the first metal bridge in Paris.

Now, it is an open space for artists because of the unique angle on the surroundings.

Quai de l’Archevêché

Quai de l’Archevêché -via

After the “cleanup” of Pont des Arts, sweethearts started putting locks on Pont de l’Archeveche. It is the narrowest road bridge in Paris, built in 1828, and has a great view to Notre Dame de Paris.

Love Locks in Paris

Love Locks – via

So if you’re planning an escape with your sweetheart, keep Paris in mind!

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