Planning a Surprise Birthday Party

Planning a Surprise Birthday Party

Want to surprise your best friend on her birthday? What about throwing a surprise party for her?

Sounds cool, right? Well, if you really want to do that, you should carefully plan the whole thing. Your party must be perfect and the surprise should be a big and pleasant one. And most of all, it should be a real surprise, your friend should not suspect anything about this.

Let’s see what are the things you should do to plan a cool surprise party that will make your bff happy! Here are some important tips and tricks for you to get inspired from:

1. Find an “accomplice” and make a secret plan together


Friends Planning a Secret Party

This is a must. It is going to be hard for you to plan the whole thing by yourself and you are certainly going to need a helping hand on the most important details. So find a co-conspirator, a good friend who you really trust and start planning your fabulous party together! Remember this is a huge secret, so the two of you must talk about it in private without being heard by the others.

2. Buy party decorations


Party Decoration Items

Balloons, streamers, confetti, pom-poms and other cool decorating items should not miss from this story. Go shopping with your accomplice and have fun together while choosing colorful and fun decorating items for your awesome party.

 3. … and the perfect gift



Birthday Gift

Think about your bff’s hobbies and choose the perfect gift for her. You know her well, so this should not be a problem for you.

4. Clean and decorate the place


Baloons to Decorate the Party Place

Use all those cool decorating items to make the party place look awesome!

5. Invite the guests in secret


 Special Invitation

Send invitation to your friends and don’t forget to tell them all this is a huge secret. A night before the big event send the guests a reminding message.

6. Cook a yummiliciocus birthday cake


 Happy Birthday Cake

If you are good in the kitchen it would be great to make a homemade birthday cake. If you don’t really like cooking, then order a special cake for the big event.

7. and some special cookies


Special Smiley Cookies

Some “happy” cookies like the ones in the image would make the whole thing really special. And your friend will certainly be impressed and touched.

8. Switch off the lights and get everyone ready for the big moment

ready-for-the big-moment

 Ready for the Big Moment

The big day has arrived, all the guests are here waiting for the main character to show up. Your accomplice is going to take her to the party place and will message you when they are nearby. Get read and turn off the lights …

9. and …. Surpriiiiise


Happy Birthday!

When your bff enters the door, make everyone yell: “Surpriiiiseee!!!” and sing “Happy Birthday to You!”. Then is the present time and the birthday cake moment. Your friend will be moved to tears, I am sure about that! Enjoy this special moment together and don’t forget to always cherish true friendship!

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