Places to Visit at the Beginning of the Year

Places to Visit at the Beginning of the Year

Have you decided how to spend the beginning of this year? Traveling and visiting new places can be your new year’s resolution!

Starting the new year traveling is like starting being active all year long. Where to go an what do to? It depends on what you like but also on your budget. It can be a cheap destination, but with wonderful places to visit and breathtaking landscape or a more expensive one, with pampering time. From wintery destinations to hot ones, we prepared a list with the most awesome places for you to see this year.

1. Swiss Alps

For the winter sports lovers this is the place to be in January-February. The landscape is breathtaking, there is a lot of snow, the sky season is at its best and the culinary and local Swiss traditions are worth to be tried and tasted. If you don’t master the art of skiing or snowboarding, that’s fine, you can just relax at the spa resorts in the Alps and try all the local goodies. Admiring the morning view it’s a must.

Swiss Alps - Places to Visit at the Beginning of the Year

Swiss Alps - Places to Visit at the Beginning of the Year 2

2. Budapest, Hungary

For the culture lovers Budapest is the perfect destination. If you are lucky enough you might enjoy some snow so don’t forget to pack some warm gloves. This time of the year the stores have great sales and you will have plenty of them. Book a day at the local thermal baths and relax. Some have great weekend deals and they have the doors opened during nighttime so you can experience a quiet night spa. Check out the Turkish Rudas Baths.


3. Cape Town, South Africa

In January Cape Town is full of life and outdoor activities are rolling. The weather is more than perfect. If you are a Northern hemisphere traveler you will love the sunny days and 27 Celsius degrees. You can choose between outdoor movies festivals, musical events, world class horse-racing and open air opera. Just be sure to buy you ticket in advance because everyone will want one.

Cape Town South Africa - Places to Visit at the Beginnig of the Year 3

4. Peru

Want a more eccentric destination? Then Peru must be the one. This time of the year is the perfect moment to visit the coastal areas. There are plenty of festivals to attend from religious ones, to dancing events.

Machu Picchu Peru - Places to Visit at the Beginning of the Year

5. Florence

Florence is always beautiful, no matter the season. And because of the Mediterranean influences the weather is fine all year long. Maybe you will find some snow but you won’t freeze because the temperatures are above 0 Celsius degrees. On January there isn’t any peak season so you will have plenty of time to visit all the great places. For those who love photography it is said that January is the best time to visit Florence because the air is very clear.

Ponte Vecchi Florence - Places to Visit at the Beginning of the Year

6. Thailand

Oh sunny and beautiful days! Thailand is the place to be if you are a sun lover. January is the peak season for tourists but is the best time to take full advantage of the weather and water temperature. Celebrating the first days of the new year in such a wonderful place will certainly give you energy for the whole year.

Thailand - Places to Visit at the Beginning of the Year

Decided to celebrate the sun? Then some amazing sun destinations are waiting for you to explore them. But there are breathtaking winter places to see and enjoy for those who want to celebrate with hot wine and cinnamon. No matter your destination just enjoy it and take precious memories with you.

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