Pattern Trends We Love: Polka Dots

Pattern Trends We Love: Polka Dots

This year the great polka dots are definitely in style and we have to admit we love this pattern. The polka dots are cute and fun and they cheer up every outfit.

Did you know that the official definition of this pattern is: polka dots = a pattern consisting of an array of filled circles? Yup, it’s a really simple explantion! They say traditionally polka dots were used in the clothing of flamenco dancers. We can totally see that because those dots make the dancers more vivid and more flexible.

But nowadays the polka dots invaded our wardrobes and we love wearing them. What can be more awesome that a polka dot bowtie when you are wearing a nice unicolor shirt? With this type of accessory you can leave your necklaces at home for sure.


Polka Dots Bowtie

Are you looking for a very girly look and you want to show the world you’re a polka dot fan? Check out our lovely suggestion. This dress is fun and perfect for a sunn day. Just love it every second!


Retro Fashion Model In Red Polka Dots

And now let us take you to the pin-up era! Those gals really loved dots and everywhere you looked you could see them. Once in a while you could try the style, why not? You will look mysterious and chic and you will be in the spotlight all day long.


Black Polka Dots Dress

One of the best color mixes ever is that consisting in white and red. They go perfectly together. Try this red and white polka dots dress and let the compliments overwhelm you! Wow, just stunning!


Red Polka Dots Dress

No matter the weather, even if the sun is shinning up in the sky or the rain is taking over the city, the special polka dots are there for you. A great accessory for a sad rainy day is a special polka dot umbrella. It will bring the smile on your face and maybe it will face the rain! Yes, these dots have a certain power, they always make you feel great!


Red Polka Dots Umbrella

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