Myths About Guys that You Should Not Believe

Myths About Guys that You Should Not Believe

Guys are certainly very different from us that sometimes we feel they belong to a distinct species. But there are also many myths about them that make us see them as different beings.

In fact they are as human as we are. Well, they want to seem themselves as superior beings sometimes and that’s why they invented some myths they thought will impress the world. In fact those silly things (like “boys never get emotional”, “boys will be boys” and so on) made them seem inferior and somehow unhuman beings. Fortunately, we, the girls, are smart enough to see what’s hiding beside all these fake behavior they developed.

Here are some of the funniest myths about guys that you should not believe:

Boys will be boys. And that’s an excuse for everything.


Yeah, right! They really like to take advantage from this one. “Boys are like kids, boys never understand what you mean, boys drive to fast, boys have no feelings. But there is nothing you can do to change them, because boys will always be boys and they are hopeless”. We use to say that, right? Well, they really love to have this excuse.

Boys don’t dance

Well, if your loved one uses this excuse when you insist to join a dancing class together, just don’t believe him! He is just lazy and looks for an excuse. But the dancing history is full of big male dancers. And your boyfriend may really have the capacity to learn the dancing steps faster than you can. But for that, well, he has to overcome his laziness.

Big Boys Don’t Cry


Completely false! I don’t know why, but guys like to see themselves as unemotional beings. They don’t like girls to see them crying. They are in fact more emotionally vulnerable than girls. Heartbreaks seems to affect guys a lot more.

Boys are not good in kitchen and they are missing the housework gene

Another one to cover their laziness. But just think about it! The most famous chiefs of the world are males. And yes, a guy is perfectly capable to clean the house, wash the dishes and so on.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach


Of course they like us to believe this one. In this way they will always get something delicious to eat. But you can certainly win his heart with only a smile.

Boys Don’t Take Things Personally


They like to believe this about themselves. In fact, they take many things personally.

Guys Don’t Talk too Much


This one is not true at all. They love to talk as much as we do. The only difference is that they prefer boyish subjects then girly one.

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