Myths about Dyed Hair

Myths about Dyed Hair

Dyeing your hair involves many things and has it’s ups and downs. But don’t be fooled, be careful which myth is real and which is false!

There are many sayings regarding dyed hair, but not all of them are true. So let’s analyze some of them and find out who to believe.

Myth #1: Washing before dyeing is better

Brown Dyed Locks - Myths about Dyed Hair

False. As a matter a fact, washing your hair before you dye it might make it more likely to take in all the negative effects of the dyeing chemicals. The truth is that the greasiest – the better in this particular case. The natural oil produced by your hair and scalp will protect them from damage during the process and will also make your color last longer.

Myth #2: The color will fade fast no matter what I do

Blonde Hair in Degrade - Myths about Dyed Hair

False. Actually, there are many things you can do to make your color last longer. The most important one, you should always use a conditioner specially made for dyed hair. Another thing you could do is put deep nourishing masks at least once a week to make it last even 4 weeks longer than without doing anything extra. Another trick is putting a bit of pigment of the color you use in your conditioner. This way, you freshen up your color every time you wash and condition your hair.

Myth #3: Coloring your hair really damages it

Dark Brown Hair - Myths about Dyed Hair

False. This used to be true years ago, but new techniques and scientific discoveries made dyeing your hair sometimes even better than it would be naturally. Dyeing your hair can bring a lot of benefits. The trick is not overlapping the colors and dye just the roots that are not colored and keep it well nourished.

Myth #4: Dyeing your hair while pregnant is harmful

Retro Blonde - Myths about Dyed Hair

False. Dyeing your hair when pregnant will never affect the baby. The only thing you should do it test the dye on a small lock in the back of your head two days before to make sure you’re not allergic to any compound. Some allergies might act tough on the entire organism, including your baby. But allergies like these could occur anytime, not just when you’re pregnant. As for the baby, there is no study to prove that the hair dye could ever affect the fetus. So it should be safe.

Myth #5: Dyeing your hair during period won’t work

Classic Redhead - Myths about Dyed Hair

False. It’s okay to dye your hair when you’re in your period, the only thing is that your skin might be more sensitive. So the best would be to make a patch test 48 hours before, like we mentioned before, to make sure no allergies occur.

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