Money Grows in Trees!

Money Grows in Trees!

Who said that money doesn’t grow in trees

Coin covered trees have been spotted across the UK. I’m sure you know what wishing wells are, therefore, a new kind of a “wishing” custom has become quite popular: people put coins into the fallen trees for good luck, and they have been doing it for centuries back, according to the dates found on the coins.

1- Money Do Grow in Trees!

The whole phenomenon seems to have started in the 1700’s, a theory supported by a florin stuck into a tree bark in Scotland.

They believed that if a sick person would push a coin into a tree bark it would take the illness away. On the other hand, if you try to get one out, it would make you ill.

Other believed that each coin embroiled into a tree by the same person was dedicated to each child that person was blessed with. But nobody really knows which of the theories is the right one.

2 - Money Do Grow in Trees!

A really popular village for this habit is Portmeirion, in Wales, where there are seven felled tree trunks with coins distorted by the passing of time, most of them 2p coins.

The village was founded in 1925 and it is picturesque Italian built as a  homage to Sir Clough Williams-Ellis’ love for the Italian Riviera.

3 - Money Do Grow in Trees!

The location was used to film sequences of episodes of Doctor Who, Citizen Smith and many other movies, as an alternative to a filming location found in Italy.

4 - Money Do Grow in Trees!

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