Makeup – We Love It! But Why?

Makeup – We Love It! But Why?

We love makeup as much as we are crazy about fashion. But why? What are the benefits of wearing makeup? Which are the reasons that make us love it so much?  Here are some of them:

Reason no. 1: Makeup can give you an instant change when you really need one

There are moments when we feel the need of a change. And makeup is always there to help us, girls, on changing something to our looks in a short time and just a little bit of effort. Depending on the way we play with the color palette we can look different every day, And this is a great thing that makes us love makeup.

Reason no.2: Makeup can enhance our natural beauty

Woman with beautiful make up-Makeup We Love it But why

The fact that makeup is making us look more beautiful is one of the greatest benefits of wearing it. It enhances our natural beauty and hides the little imperfection letting our face look like the one of a perfect porcelain doll.

Reason no. 3: Makeup can improve your mood

Woman with make up brushes-Makeup We Love it But why

Generally speaking, colors have a great power to improve our mood. And when we put them on our faces they can make us feel better in cloudy days. Makeup has the power to light up our face and improve our mood in a second. And this is a strong reason to love it, isn’t it?

Reason no. 4: Makeup can boost your self-confidence

Beautiful make up-Makeup We Love it But why

A perfect makeup can make a woman feel more confident in important situations (like a job interview for example), it can make us feel more comfortable in our own skin. Studies show that makeup makes women feel less vulnerable and can boost their self-confidence.

Reason no. 5: Makeup can help you define your own original style

Woman applying lipstick-Makeup We Love it But why

You can use makeup to define your own style signature. Play with different makeup techniques and colors until you find the ones that best define yourself. Use makeup to express different sides of your personality!

Reason no. 6: Quality makeup products protects our skin

Woman applying eyeshadow-Makeup We Love it But why

Always use quality makeup products that also have skin care properties. Nowadays there is plenty of them on the market. You can find makeup products that have sunscreen, anti-aging and anti-blemish ingredients, so wearing makeup can also be a great way to protect your skin while making you look perfect.

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