Make Up Tips for Green Eyes

Make Up Tips for Green Eyes

Green eyes can make a statement, especially if you choose the right type of make up.

When it comes to green eyes, there are two rules.

If you want a dramatic, but catchy look, then the eyeshadows you opt for should be opposite to the ones from your iris. For a more soft look go with some shades from your color wheel.

Use black eyeliner for your upper lid and opt for a light tone of blue. For a more dazzling look, choose a glittering shade if your eyes are a lighter green.

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 Go for a pearly green to accentuate your eye color. If you decide to go with a smokey eye make up you don’t need to put any eyeliner. The eyeshadows you will use are enough, especially if they are of pearly texture. Put mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes.

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You can obtain a dramatic look if you put some black eyeliner, a lot of mascara and a shade of light green. In the middle of your upper lid put some metallic shade. Apply exactly the same shade on  you lower lid.

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A catchy look will be obtained if you go all black. Black will definitely contrast with you green eyes. So a classic smokey eyes make up will totally rock.

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Neon colors will create an electric look.  Use them not only for the upper and lower lids, but also for the mascara. Put some light tones on your inner corner.

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For special occasions opt for pinky shadows, especially if you have light green eyes. Black eye liner and mascara are a must. For a more stylish look apply pink tones on your lower lid too.

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Eyeshadows of pearly textures brighten green eyes. If you apply it with a plum tone you’ll create a fresh effect.

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