Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are dominant among the planet’s population, so if you have brown eyes, you should know some make up tricks on how to make them look just gorgeous!

First of all, there are three types of brown eyes: dark, medium and light. For each shade, there are different tricks to make them pop!

White Eyeliner Brown Eyes

White Eyeliner on Medium Brown Eyes – photo via

White eyeliner on the lower waterline will make brown eyes look bigger, especially if your eyes are dark brown. Also, try to avoid using only pitch black on your make up. Instead combine it with light colors and choose medium to dark shades.

Purple Make up Brown Eyes

Purple Make Up on Brown Eyes – via

Brown and violet shades fit best for brown eyes. Mauves will define brown eyes better, and if you try for the cat look above, your look will be simply hypnotizing! Other colors you can use for brown eyes are: orange, yellow, brown, green.

Green Sidef Brown Eye Make Up

Green Pearl Brown Eye Make Up – via

Green is another good color if you have brown eyes. And if you add a little glitter (no matter what eye makeup color you use) it will lighten up your entire face.

Smoky Brown Eyes

Smoky Brown Eyes – via

If you really want to try the “smoky eye” look, use black only for light brown eyes, or else they might appear smaller. Or you can use a light eyeliner to create a bit of contrast.

Arabic Make Up Brown Eyes

Arabic Make Up on Deep Brown Eyes – via

Metallic shades are a secret tip for brown eyes. They will put accent to your iris and make them sparkling delicious! So remember to use: gold, silver, bronzecopper, rusty iron.

What to avoid

Avoid grey because brown eyes might look tired.

Avoid pink and lilac because brown eyes might seem too cold.

Avoid brown nuances that are dominant in the colors from the iris. Always try to apply different shades from the ones you already have, or it might end up a little fade.

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