Japan’s Rabbit Island

Japan’s Rabbit Island

How would a small island full of rabbits look like? There is an island in Japan that has plenty of them little fluffy things hopping around!

Ōkunoshima is the name of an island situated in the Inland Sea of Japan. There are over 300 bunnies on the 700.000 square meter island, and that’s how it got to be known as “The Rabbit Island”.

Okunoshima Rabbit Island - Japan's Rabbit Island

Photo by Laura Appleyard

But as lovely as it may seem today, the island hasn’t always been a bundle of joy. During the world War II, it used to be a secret military base where they used to manufacture poison gas for chemical usage. During 16 years of activity, the island was even erased from the maps so nobody could ever know it was there.

In 1988, a museum was opened there so they could show everybody the horrible truth about the poison gas.

The Poison Gas Museum - Japan's Rabbit Island

But now, tourists form all over the world travel to Okunoshima to feed the little bunnies.

Some say that the rabbits first appeared in 1971, when o group of school kids released 8 bunnies on the island. And they did what bunnies do best – now there are over 300 of them hopping freely on the whole island.

Woman feeding bunnies on Rabbit Island - Japan's Rabbit Island

Photo by Laura Appleyard

Hunting them is strictly forbidden, and no cats or dogs are allowed to enter the island. It is, basically, their own little free world, where they can do pretty much whatever they want. Kind of hard to think that they used to make chemical bombs there, not a very long time ago isn’t it? Just look how adorable they are!

Cute bunnies on Rabbit Island - Japan's Rabbit Island

Photo by quoodel

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