Working Out: It’s All About the Shoes

Working Out: It’s All About the Shoes

Whether your workout involves running, tennis, sports or gym equipment, comfortable shoes are a must. Sports shoes are the most important piece of fitness equipment you’ll buy, so it’s vital to know some tips for choosing the right pair.

Running Shoe Sole Improper workout footwear can damage your feet during exercises, such as shin splints, stress fractures, iliotibial band tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, and metatarsalgia. Today, a variety of sport shoes are specially designed to accommodate and enhance the movements associated with any sport. There are minimalist shoes and performance shoes and stability shoes, and the list of possibilities is endless.

The best athletic shoe for you depends entirely on the shape of your foot, your bio-mechanics, the way you move, the surface on which you exercise and the amount of exercise you do.

Forget about shoe color and appearance when buying your workout shoes, this should ultimately fit well and feel comfortable.

Don’t make shoes multitask, it is not good for your feet if you play football or tennis in the same trainers you use for running, for example. Purchasing shoes for each sport is more expensive, but is important in preventing injuries. Before buying a new pair of shoes, check out reviews from other active people online, talk to your friends to get their input and finally go to a sport specialty store for expert advice. Give the salesperson information that will help him with his shoe recommendations and bring the shoes you currently exercise in. A lot of stores will allow you to run in the shoes for a minute or two prior to purchasing them because you need to check how they feel – do they offer enough support? Are they the right weight?

Trail shoes vs road shoesTrail Running Shoes/Road Running Shoes

Those who use the right type of shoe may experience greater athletic improvement than those who do not. So, choosing the right shoes for your feet and workout style will help you exercise better and prevent strain on your body. Buying the right pair of shoes in the first place is cheaper than treating an injury.

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