In Scarves We Trust

In Scarves We Trust

A scarf has the power to dramatically change your entire appearance. It is an accessory that can add value to the entire outfit and make you glow!

Scarves are a must in any woman’s wardrobe. They can be warm, hip or add a touch of personality to your look. And spring is the perfect time of the year to start wearing them.

In Scarves We Trust - Pale Pink Light Scarf

Pale Pink Light Scarf – via

For a chic black & white outfit, add a bit of color by wearing a scarf that matches to your shoes. Any color will do and it will make the outfit less dull. A light pale pink will give your look a more girly appearance.

In Scarves We Trust - Pale Cream Scarf

Pale Cream Scarf – via

There is an unwritten rule that says that the scarf must either match the accessories or the shoes. There is no problem if it matches the entire outfit though, so an all-milk-chocolate outfit will look great with a matching scarf.

In Scarves We Trust - Sporty Black&White Scarf

Sporty Black&White Tile Scarf – via

If you’re a more sporty girl, then do wear scarfs with sporty outfits! This is the advantage of scarves: they can be worn no matter what type of clothes you like to wear.

In Scarves We Trust - Attitude Plaid Scarf

Attitude Plaid Scarf – via

Patterns go well with matte colors, so a plaid pattern scarf would definitely make you pop and give you a bit of attitude!

In Scarves We Trust - Spring Veil Scarf

Spring Veil Scarf – via

Veil scarves are the best for warm days, so choose a small playful pattern like flowers or color-stains to bring a touch of spring to your outfit.

In Scarves We Trust - Large Plaid Scarf

Large Pattern Scarf – via

A denim jacket will look amazing with a big plaid pattern scarf. Mixed with black and red, the perfect color combination to give you a rock star look!

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