Improve Your Balance and Stability

Improve Your Balance and Stability

A good way to improve stability, posture and muscle balance is to start training using a fitball.

Besides those benefits, fitball exercises are  a great support if you have back problems. They  protect the lumbar back area and help to balance any weight-bearing stresses.

Many physical therapists and chiropractors works with the fitball for therapy by using a low-impact workout.

Therapy with ball

Physiotherapy Courses

Fitball exercises may be performed with yoga or with Pilates exercise programs that help you improve your flexibility, muscle tone and balance.

Pillates and yoga instructor

Pilates Instructor

Just by sitting on the fitball, you’re able to activate the stabilizer muscles, to improve your posture and to feel more in touch with your center of gravity.

Exercise ball

Fitball Exercises

You can also work your abs using this ball. Adding fitball exercises to your fitness routine help you add some variety to your daily workout.


Basic abdominal exercises

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