How to Wrap Up Gifts

How to Wrap Up Gifts

There are a few tricks you should consider when it comes to the art of wrapping up gifts. We’re sure you want to make quite an impression with your present. You tend to by presents according to people’s wishes and characteristics, right? Well, you should do the same when it comes to wrapping up the present. Don’t just wrap it up only because you have to, but think about how can you make that person feel special.

Personalize your present

Think about the things he or she loves like fabric, print or any other detail that will help you decorate the present. Opting for the right wrapping paper – it will mean a lot, you’ll see.

Colorful Present Box - How to Wrap Up Gifts

Colorful Gift Box via @BenEarwicker

 Details matter

Everybody like something. Some prefer simple things so wrapping the present with a nice printed packing paper would make their day. Knowing the person very well it will definitely help you making the gift more special. So, for example if you know that the person you bought the present likes flowers just attach her favorite to your gift box decoration. A bow, a cute plush animal or candy or anything else that matters will make quite a difference.

Colorful Present Box with Bow - How to Wrap Up Things

Colorful Gift Box with Box via @BenEarwicker

The packing matters

Of course you can be unconventional. You can use something else besides gift boxes. For example you can use jars or even cans that you can paint to look better.

Gift Box - How to Wrap Up Gifts

Gift Box

The message

Your present will be ready after you ad a cute, but full of significance message. You can write it on a piece of paper, on a post card or directly on the wrapping paper. It doesn’t have to be “Happy Birthday!”. It can be anything you want to say and share with your friend.

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