How to Tell if He is Lying

How to Tell if He is Lying

Have you noticed a strange behavior to your boyfriend lately? Think that he is hiding something for you? You suspect he is cheating on you?

Well, if you have this feelings there are chances that there is something wrong there and you should find out the truth and take a decision.

It may be hard for you, it may be painful but you cannot keep prolonging the agony and live in uncertainty forever. You need to do something, but the first thing you should do is to find out if he is really lying to you. How to do that? Here are some signs that can show you he might be lying:

Your gut tells you something is wrong

That’s the first one. If your gut tells you something is wrong, you may be right. You know him very well and if you feel like he has something to hide from you, then you should pay more attention and see if this is true or note.

He avoids eye contact when talking to you

Distant couple - How to Tell if He is Lying

If your boyfriend can’t look you straight in your eyes when you are having a conversation, he is probably not telling you the truth.

He refuses to get personal

Sad couple - How to Tell if He is Lying

Is he sharing the details of his life? Or he is unusually distant and keeps almost everything about himself secret? Most people who are comfortable in their romantic relationship are open to sharing details of their personal lives. If your boyfriend refuses to get personal, there can be something wrong.

He’s super defensive

Couple arguing in the kitchen - How to Tell if He is Lying

If he becomes overly defensive and pauses a lot when responding to your questions, you can suspect him of telling lies to you.

He is covering his track

Is he constantly deleting his browser history or shutting down his e-mail when you are around? Do you feel like he is always trying to hide something for you? If you do, there can be a problem and he might be lying to you.

He constantly blames you

Quarreled couple in their living room - How to Tell if He is Lying

If he does that, there is certainly something wrong in your relationship. Making the other one feel guilty for everything is an old trick that liars use with success.

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