How to Stop Running Away From Yourself

How to Stop Running Away From Yourself

Sometimes, the fear of facing ourselves just the way we are makes us try to run away from our own person. And we keep on running.

Running away from our problems, our disappointments, our pain, our issues, our own lives. We just run and run and live a denial type existence that in a short time becomes our second nature.

We forgive who we really are while we become complacent in our denial. We end up by living in denial and we deny it. And all this running brings a great amount of stress, tiredness and sadness. We wait for that magical change in our life, but we don’t know why it never comes.

Do you recognize yourself in this description? If you do, then you should take a minute and think about it very serious. This behavior can drive you to depression and anxiety, so you should do something to stop.

Running away will never solve your problems, but will certainly make you unhappy with yourself and your own life. So, here is what you should do to stop the run and begin living in happiness:

Be honest to yourself. Stop lying!

Lying to yourself will never solve your problems. Be honest, accept that things are not that perfect and try to do something about that. To solve an issue, you must first discover it and face it. You must see which is the cause of your problems to be able to fix things.

Accept the mistakes you’ve done and try to learn something for the future


Nobody is perfect, we all do big mistakes sometimes. So stop denying and face your own mistakes. The important thing is to learn something from these experiences and try not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Become your own best friend


Nobody can understand you as well as you can. Desperately looking for the others’ friendship will not make you happier. Become your own best friend first and then the relationships with the others will certainly improve.

 Stop fighting with yourself


Stop that fight! You must be your friend, not your enemy. Try to solve your issues peacefully.

Define your own principles and values

Think about it. Do you have your own principles and values? Or you just try to copy the others in order to be as cool as they are? Well, you don’t have to do this. Be yourself and adopt the life philosophy that best suits you. Define your own values and stick to them and try to live by them.

Be consequent in your opinions

Don’t say something today and the opposite tomorrow.  Stop contradicting yourself and try to be consequent in your opinions.

Being a human is amazing. Think about that.


Be happy, you are such and amazing being. It’s simply wonderful to be a human.

Open your heart and show to the world the real You


Stop pretending, stop copying others, just be yourself and don’t be afraid to show the real You to the world. You will receive much more appreciation and you will certainly be happier.

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