How To Pack Your Bags Like a Pro

How To Pack Your Bags Like a Pro

Packing your bags for a vacation can be really stressful. But there are a few tips to make everything magically fit into your tiny suitcase/backpack in no time!

Packing for when you’re leaving someplace happens mostly in the last minute. So you’re always in a hurry and stressed up that you might forget something really important at home.

It’s time you found out how to pack your bags like a pro, really fast and without forgetting a thing! And everything will find it’s own place in your bag!

Tip #1: Minimize everything

Make sure to check the weather so you don’t carry any unnecessary items with you. Then make a short day-by-day plan to make an idea of what you might need there. Planning ahead will help you not to forget the small things you might need.

Place everything you think you need to take with you on your bed, then try to eliminate about 1/3 of them. You will surely not need everything you actually wanted to take with you anyway.

Tip #2: Heavy things go under

For an easy-to-carry luggage/backpack, you should place the heavy things at the bottom, so it will have balance and, therefore, make it easier to carry. This includes shoes, jeans or whatever you think is heavier than the clothes.

Tip #3: No unused space

Make sure you fill every tiny gap in your luggage, so you don’t waste space. Place your underwear inside your shoes. This way the shoes will not lose shape and space will not be wasted. Place your belts and scarves around the edges instead of rolling them up.

At the end, all the small things left out will be fitted in the gaps that remained.

Tip #4: Roll & Fold

Rolling will save space, while folding will help avoid wrinkles. So think which of your clothes should remain unwrinkled and roll everything else. Jeans and towels will be rolled, while dresses and shirts will be left folded. Rolled items will be placed at the bottom, and folded items at the top of your luggage.

Tip #5: Protect what’s fragile

Everything you consider to be fragile should be placed in the center of the luggage. This way the level of protection will be the best. Everything surrounding it will act as a cushion for you camera, glasses etc.

Tip #6: Be the layering master

The secret is to keep the layers inside as even as possible. And this is their order, starting the bottom of the bag: shoes, rolled items, other items to even the layer, fragile items, cosmetics bag, folded items.

Featured image: Highways Agency via Flickr

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