How to Overcome Depression

How to Overcome Depression

Feeling sad with no particular reason for a long time? Have no energy, no hope, no lust for life? Are this feelings affecting your social life and even your career?  Well, you may suffer from depression. What to do to overcome it? Here is some advice:

Admit that you are suffering from depression

It doesn’t mean you are crazy or something. Depression affects a lot of people nowadays. And the first step you should take if you want to overcome it, is to recognize you are suffering from depression and decide to do something about that.

Sleep well

Sleep well-How to Overcome Depression

It is very important for you to get the right amount of sleep. And you need to sleep well. Chronic fatigue can be one of the most important causes of your depression.

Maintain a busy schedule

If you want to beat depression, you need to have a super organized life. You need to have a schedule and follow it. A busy schedule. Make sure you have something to do all the time.

Watch your thoughts

Watch your thoughts-How to Overcome Depression

Don’t let the bad thoughts monopolize your mind and soul. Watch your thoughts and don’t let the bad ones in. Cause they will lead you to despair. The busy schedule will help you keep this thoughts out of your mind.


Forgiveness is essential. Because another cause of depression can be that fact that you did not forgive the bad things that others did to you in the past. Hating people who hurt you, keeping grudges for a long time will transform into an enormous weight to keep on your shoulders. Get rid of this weight and you will feel happier.

Make friends

Friends-How to Overcome Depression

Loneliness can be one of the major causes of your depression. If you don’t really have friends, try to to make some. Friendship is essential for a happy life.

Be grateful

Instead of complaining every day of the bad things that happen to you, try to see the good ones (as little as they may seem) and be grateful for them. Complaining makes you sad and unable to see the wonderful parts of life.

Be more generous

This really helps. Try to think more about the others and their problems. Try to help poor or sick people. Get involved in volunteer activities. Try to be generous to the others and you will certainly feel happier.


Sports-How to Overcome Depression

Physical effort really helps in this fight with depression. Choose the sport you like best and practice it.

Read good books

Reading will keep your mind busy and the dark thought outside. Fiction book will help you escape in other worlds, while memories of people who went through bigger sufferings than yours and overcame the pain can also help you understand that you are in fact, a happy persons.

Keep a Journal

Journal-How to Overcome Depression

Keeping a journal is also a great cure for depression. Especially if you like writing.Write about what you are going through and you will feel relieved. And who knows? Maybe your journal will transform into a book. Great work of art in the history of literature started like that,

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