How to Look Fresh at the Beach

How to Look Fresh at the Beach

Planning the best summer vacation at the beach? Then for sure you want to look astonishing. So here is some advice on how to look fresh and beautiful this summer.Ready to hit the beach? Then check these simple steps on how to look good and feel great.

1. Get gorgeous skin.

After the winter time your skin needs a little bit of help to look ready for the beach. First of all you want to get rid of any acne and blemishes. So use a dermatological soap that is recommended for you skin type. Want a little bit of glow? Then you can go at a tanning salon or you can apply a self-tanning treatment at home. Before doing this exfoliate your skin to obtain a perfect color.

Days before going at the beach apply moisturizing cream on your knees and soles to hydrate them.

Sun Protection - Hook to Look Fresh at the Beach

Sun Protection

2. Make your nails look stunning.

You cannot head to the beach without having a proper manicure and pedicure. So before hitting the beach go at a salon or decorate your nails if you like it. Opt for fresh and summer inspired colors, like coral. You’ll see how good they will combine with you tanned skin.

Fruty Nail Art - How to Look Fresh at the Beach

Fruity Manicure via

3. Go for a natural look.

For a day at the beach you don’t need to wear any make up. But if you feel like you need something a waterproof mascara and a UV protection lip balm is exactly what you will need.

4. Sunscreen protection.

Protecting your body from the sun is very important. So before going at the beach you need a cream with at least 20 SPF protection, sunglasses and a sunhat. You’ll get a beautiful uniform tanning that will last all summer.

5. Go with comfortable clothes.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You are in vacation and you need to relax and have a good time so wearing flawless and comfy clothes is a starting point.

UV Protection Lip Balm - How to Look Fresh at the Beach

Sunscreen Protection

6. Adopt a chic cute hairstyle.

Because your hair can be damaged by the salty water and the sun you should cut your split ends at the beginning of the summer. Also apply hydrating masks after your beach vacation. On the beach wear it back and out of your face. A pony tail or a head band would be a good option. At the end of your beach day wash your hair from salt and use a moisturizing conditioner.

7. Hydrate your body.

Having a bottle of water is essential, especially because you lay in the sun all day long. Try to drink as much as you can and keep your body hydrated.

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