How To Get Over A Recent Breakup

How To Get Over A Recent Breakup

Breakups should be about rediscovering yourself.

Nobody says that there is a perfect formula to help you get over a breakup. But there are some tricks that will help re-establish your connection with the Earth.

So, next time you experience a breakup you shouldn’t follow the crowd, instead reorganize your priorities.

DO take a trip with your best friend. Breakups aren’t about calling your ex and asking him how is he, but about keeping the distance. Otherwise you will be the one that ends up suffering more.

DO call your friends and meet with them. You surely neglected them, especially since you had been in a relationship. They will be happy to hear from you and your mood will change once you see them.

DO go shopping. It’s the best therapy after a breakup. Take your best friend with you and spend some money!

MAKE a list of the books you want to read and start buying or lending them from the library. Some quality time won’t hurt you at all.

DO take vitamin E.  If you are tired and sad your body feels it and you need to help it. Vitamin E is good for cellular regeneration and a great antioxidant.  You must look fresh.

MAKE sport. Sport is good for your mind and health. It will keep you away from calling your ex and will get you in a good shape.

DO go at the spa. After a breakup you need to feel beautiful so go at a spa with some friends and relax yourself.

DO some crazy things. You need to feel some adrenaline and also to have fun. So it’s time you go for an extreme sport like surfing, climbing or equitation. After this you will feel good about yourself.

DO spend some more time with your cute petThe love a pet offers is the best breakup treatment.

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Of course, there are some things you shouldn’t do after a breakup.

DON’T call you ex.  Instead, it will be better if you erase his name from your phone contacts and from your mind. This will keep you away from calling him.

DON’T think all day about him. Is time you move on and spend some quality time with your friends.

DON’T keep his picture in your wallet. It is painful, but it would be better if you threw it away.

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