How to Get Him Back

How to Get Him Back

You and your boyfriend broke up and now you really miss him and want him back. You feel like the two of you should have a second chance and that you want to do anything just to make it work this time.
Well, you are not the first woman in the world who decides to fight to get her ex boyfriend back. Actually, this is an old story that happened to many other girls and women. And yes, most of them, won this fight and got their man back.
If you and him are meant for each other, you can get him back. All you need is a lot of patience and you will do anything you can for your purpose.You also need to be a smart girl, cause in this fight your brain will be the most effective weapon. This is going to be a game that requires intelligence. Here are some steps you should take to win his heart back (and keep it forever):

Step 1: Think about why you broke up. Do you really want him back?

Ignore Him-How to Get Him Back

You necessarily should begin with this one. Be honest with yourself and answer this questions: Why the two of you broke up? Was it your fault? Was it his? Was your relationship a healthy one? Why do you want him back? Is there real love or you are just afraid of being single? Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down the answers to these questions. In the end, ask yourself the final question: Do you really want him back? Are you sure about that? Only if you are 100% sure, you should go to the next steps.

Step 2: At the beginning, ignore him

Phone Guy-How to Get Him Back

At the beginning, the best tactic is to ignore him. Completely, if possible. If he still cares, this behavior will make him want to fight to get you back.
If he still likes you, he will call you after a couple of weeks or so. Don’t answer the phone from the first call. Let him call you again. And again. And when you finally answer, don’t be too available. Tell him you are busy and not able to talk too much.

Step 3: Let him know you’re moving on. Don’t look like you’re stuck in the past

He doesn’t have to see that you are desperate to have him back. Don’t look like you are stuck in the past. Make him believe that you are moving on without him and that you are really happy about that. This will also make him want to fight for you.

Step 4: Let him come to you

Couple-How to Get Him Back

Don’t desperately call or message him. He doesn’t have to know how much you miss him. Let him miss you and come to you. If he still cares, he will.

Step 5: Look your best!

Beuatiful Girl-How to Get Him Back

Make sure you look your best all the time. If you meet him (accidentally or not) you should look sensational. Keep a diet, go to the gym and to your stylist. Pay more attention to your appearance and make him fall in love again.

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