How to Deal With Curly Hair

How to Deal With Curly Hair

Curly hair can get us in great trouble sometimes, especially natural curls. But don’t panic, there are a few things you can do to make you life easier!

That awkward moment when you get up in the morning, and then you see yourself in the mirror. You know it quite well if you own curly locks. It needs a whole lot more attention to keep your locks healthy and good looking. So here are a few tips to get the gorgeous curls you dream of!

1. Get rid of the hair straightener

Streightening Curly Hair

No, you don’t need it! Every girl with straight hair longs for curls and the other way around. Be proud you have curly hair! Curls are not your problem, they are something that put you in value. And if you follow the next steps, you will know how to handle them better and look wonderful, even in the morning!

2. How to comb your curls

Combing Curly Hair

Combing your hair is a necessity. It might seem like a nightmare every time, but here’s how you make it easier:

  • Only comb your hair when it’s still wet. This way, you won’t ruin the wonderful natural curls.
  • Use a lot of hair conditioner. Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, so conditioner is a must! You can try leave-in products too.
  • Use a wide toothed comb only. There’s no need to go through so much pain when you comb your hair. A wide toothed comb will damage your hair less.

3. Ever considered dying your hair?

Full Curly Hair

Dying your hair will add thickness and make the curls more pronounced. Also, it will make it glow and refresh it. Dying your hair sometimes gives a restart to your entire hairstyle: it sometimes makes it easier to give it a shape, depending the type of hair.

But be careful, dying your hair will also make it drier, so don’t forget the conditioner!

4. Trim it

Get curly hair trimmed often

Split ends look bad on any type of hair, but they seem more obvious on curly hair. So when your hair is tired, you look tired too. Go and have it trimmed. Don’t worry that it might seem shorter, it won’t show that much on curly hair. Besides, it will be rejuvenated and the locks will form prettier after a short trim.

5. Spoil it from time to time

Use the right brush for curly hair

Make sure you spoil your hair from time to time. If your curls are loose, you can brush it more often. Use a wide angled brush and brush it a few minutes. The brushing will make the weak hairs fall out and it will stimulate its regeneration. If your hair is dry, brushing it will spread the natural hair oil and treat itself. Also, it will relax your brain cells.

Another way to spoil your hair is applying a hair mask at least once a weak. Your hair is going to love it, and the love will show!

Curly Hair Madness

So stop it with the curly hair madness and be thankful. Curls are a gift we just have to handle with care. 🙂

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