How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

It’s time to go green! Transform your balcony into your own green space and take advantage of the sunny weather the spring will bring.

Sometimes a green oasis in the immense concrete jungle can change your mood and perception of life. So start experimenting and grow whatever flowers and plants you like the most.

Balcony Garden - How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

Before staring the planting process you have to consider your balcony’ characteristics. You will have to pick up your plants according to sun exposure. Some plants love the sun, but others need humidity and less sun exposure. Your next step should be to decide how will you make quite a remarkable design from your balcony. Just think that the options aren’t limitless at all!

Balcony Herbs - How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

If you have a small space be creative and design a green wall. Choose a wall and transform it into a suspended garden. You can design your own structure or buy one. Just be aware it has to be a strong one to hang all the plants you want. You can make your structure composed from shelves or just a metallic one where you can hang your pottery.

Let your imagination flow! Create your own aerial garden. Hang your pottery up! You can buy eggshell pots from ceramics or plexiglass and start planting your plants. You can recycle old jars and use them for your plants. This way you’ll be creative and eco-friendly.

Mini Garden - How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

Enough space? Then create your garden from natural elements. Use wood to make your planter. It will give a fresh, yet cozy touch to your space. To make your wooden planters last longer you can plant your herbs in ceramic pots and only afterwards put them in the wooden ones.

Green Plant and wood  -  How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

This is your own project so don’t be afraid to experiment. Try planting different types of flowers and plants. If this is your first attempt to gardening you’ll see in time which plants suit better for your micro climate.

Don’t limit yourself only to flowers. Try herbs like rosemary, parsley, oregano, basil and mint. They will make your garden look rich and smell divine. You can plant in a pot more then one type. Try growing tomatoes, especially cheery tomatoes because they are easier to take care of.

Potted Cactus  - How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

If your balcony benefits from sun exposure all day long then you’ll need plants that aren’t sensitive to direct sunlight such as: geraniums, Leander, Inpatients, cacti, Sweet William and so on. They will create an explosion of colors! Maybe basil is not such a direct sunlight lover but you can still grow tomatoes, chili peppers and strawberries.

You’ll see, harvesting from your own garden will make you feel different and your food will taste better.

Potted Flowers  - How to Create Your Own Urban Garden

Designing your urban garden and taking care of your plants will be your favorite morning coffee activity and you weekends’ hobby. Picking the right plants, taking care of them will make you feel awesome. In return, your garden will give you personal satisfaction!


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