How to be The Party Star

How to be The Party Star

Dreaming to become one of that popular girls that are in the middle of attention every time they go to a party?

You wish you could be just like them but you really don’t know how to do that? Here are some advices for you:

How to get dressed


When it’s about going to a party, you really have to pick up something special to wear. If you want to be the most popular girl at that party, you certainly have to wear something that would make you look gorgeous and make people notice you from the beginning.

Keep up with fashion trends but, at the same time, choose only what suits you and what makes you look and feel good! You should certainly wear something fashionable but don’t exaggerate! Not everything that is in fashion will necessarily suit you.

Remember that when you pick up the clothes for a party, you have think about some basic things like: the location of the party, if it is a night or a day party, the occasion and the people that are going to be there. Considering all these details, choose the proper clothing for the party.

It is not necessary to wear the most sophisticated and expensive clothes to be noticed and admired at a party. Sometimes a special belt can make miracles with the most common pair of jeans and some sparkling jewelries can make you look very special even if you’re wearing something simple. In other words, pay attention to the accessories! They are very very important and they really have a magical power!

The hairstyle and the makeup


Don’t forget that the way you do your hair is as important as the clothes you wear. You will have to choose the hairstyle considering your outfit. If you will wear an elegant dress your hairstyle should be elegant and sophisticated too. But this elegant hairstyle will not go with a pair of jeans and a trendy shirt.

Your makeup should also fit the entire look. So, pay attention to these details and choose the right hairstyle and the perfect makeup. If you need something complicated, go to a stylist to get that amazing look you need.

How you should act

Well, your fashionable clothes and fancy hairstyle are not enough when you want to be the star of the party. All that super-cool clothes, the fancy jewelries and your sophisticated hairdo will mean nothing if you are going to stay alone in your corner without saying a word the entire evening!

Maybe people will notice you when you will make your entrance but, in a short time, they will forget about you!

You should first get rid of your shyness and talk to the other quest, make new friends and have fun together. Be natural, be yourself and let the others see your personal charm.

Try to be funny, say jokes, laugh and smile. Everybody loves funny and amusing people and everybody likes to be in their company.

You have to dance!


When everybody dances don’t just sit there looking at them! Go on the dance floor and have fun! Don’t be shy! And don’t tell me you don’t know how to dance! You don’t have to learn complicated dance styles and steps! It is not a dance competition or something like that! Just don’t worry so much and go on! Have fun! Try to feel the rhythm and dance the way you feel! One important thing: smile all the time!

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