How to Add a Retro Touch to Your Room

How to Add a Retro Touch to Your Room

It’s the beginning of the year and you want to make a change and remodel your room? What about the retro style? It’s colorful, simple and cool.The thing about the retro style is that everyone can find something to like, no matter if you are or not a lover of it. So refreshing your home doesn’t mean changing everything just adding some refined items.

The artifacts you could buy depend on your budget but keep in mind that you can find awesome retro furniture and other stuff at specialized stores and also at second hands. We prefer the second ones because you can get great deals and usually the pieces are of great quality.

You have an aunt who wants to move and to get rid of some stuff? Here’s your deal. You will definitely find something for your retro style redecoration project from furniture to small items like a lamp or a cool radio.

Living Room - How to Add Touch to Your Room

 An old cabinet, placed in the proper place will transform your entire room. If you already own one then refurbish it. You’ll see it will make quite a difference.

Colors are very important. You can give your room a vivid touch by adding some splashes of colors. Go for strong colors such as orange, yellow, blue or brown. Pick wise your color-scheme and choose more then one tone.

Minimal Living Room - How to Add Touch to Your Room

The sitting area is very important when it comes to retro style. It pays attention to well designed chairs and sofas. They can be any color you like. The stronger the better. If you painted your walls in vivid colors then it’s better to keep it to a minimum of visual experience and pick some armchairs in neutral colors.

Retro Sofa - How to Add a Retro Touch to Your Room

Vintage objects are a must. From old cameras and radios to lamps and vases. Art is also important. Hang it on the walls and feel free to make a pattern with it.

Vintage Camera  - How to Add a Retro Touch to Your Room

This style is about playing with colors. It also celebrates comfort and coziness. Mixing your contemporary artifacts with some cool retro objects and furniture will make your home like no other.

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