Galešnjak: The Island of Love

Galešnjak: The Island of Love

Did you know there is an island that is almost perfectly shaped as a heart?

They call it “The Island of Love”, but its actual name is Galešnjak and it is located in the Adriatic Sea, near Croatia’s coastline. Seen from the satellites of Google Earth, is looks like a heart drawn clumsy by a child, and it is thought to be the closest island to a perfect heart shape. It is also among few naturaly heart-shaped objects in the world.

The island can be found between Zadar and the Island of Pasman, in Zadarski Kanal, off the shores of a great touristic attraction, the old city of Zadar. The island has also lately become the ideal escape for lovers and a perfect Valentine’s Day destination, due to it’s perfectly heart shape.

Although its shape looks quite amazing seen from above, it is actually a dry, rocky uninhabited island, owned by a local. He didn’t even know how perfectly heart shaped it was until he got requests from lovers to be allowed to spend the night there. He also thinks that the interest in his island has increased also because of rumors claiming Angelina Jolie has been linked to the acquisition of another heart -shaped island in the U.S for £12.2 million.

All the calls the owner got had made him thinks of his island as a wedding destination, so now he is planting olive trees and investing in making the island more beautiful so he could let young couples say their vows on the island.

Cover photo via The Telegraph

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