Fresh Food VS Frozen Food

Fresh Food VS Frozen Food

The most disputed subject regarding fresh food and frozen food is now on our list too. And, what do you think? What is more appropriate to put on the table? Fresh or frozen?

This topic is really fascinating and can start multiple discussions. Studies show that we need both, fresh and frozen foods. Unbelievable, right?

Yup, you will say that fresh foods are the best and we all should try to avoid the frozen ones. Your are absolutely true but only regarding those fruits and vegetables really, really fresh. And in this category we add the fresh product that you pick yourself from the garden or you buy from the fresh market. The product we find in supermarkets is not in this category, no way!

fresh-vegetable-sticks - Fresh Food VS Frozen Food

Fresh Vegetable Sticks

Amazing Frozen Food - Fresh Food VS Frozen Food

Amazing Frozen Food

And that’s how it goes, how in fact fresh foods get transformed into frozen ones: fruits and vegetables are picked at their peak of ripeness and frozen immediately after a great process called blanching. Sounds very familiar, right? Yes, the product is only cooked briefly in boiling water. The final sterilized product can lose, because of this process, a part of their B and C vitamins, but you should know that they keep the majority of their nutritive value. And if you don’t want to lose them when you need to reheat your favorite veggies or fruits you shouldn’t boil them, instead you can try steaming them.

Frozen Veggies - Fresh Food VS Frozen Food

Frozen Veggies

Now that we know how fresh food turns into frozen food and we know that they are great and we should not avoid them, we can start talking about the fresh ones.

The product we found in our supermarkets is rarely super-fresh. It’s not like somebody goes in their garden and brings you that bag of carrots you want to buy, no. Usually we find only fruits and vegetables brought to us from miles and miles away, from other countries. The product is picked before its peak of ripeness and shipped to the store. And this explains why sometimes the products we buy do not have that rich taste and also color. They are not fully grown and do not contain all the nutrients we are looking for.

And what can we do? Nothing much except creating our own beautiful garden and grow our own vegetables and fruits and, of course, settle with what the markets provide us.

Fresh Wonderful Raspberries - Fresh Food VS Frozen Food

Fresh Wonderful Raspberries

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