Five Aliments that Prevent Fatigue

Five Aliments that Prevent Fatigue

We all have days when we feel tired. But did you know that there are some aliments that can help you feel better?

If you have crazy days at work or at school, you need to boost your energy level.

Drinking a lot of coffee is not an option. You can opt for more healthy solutions like consuming fresh aliments.

If you didn’t know here you can find a short list of  aliments that will make your days better.


Citruses are great because they contain a lot of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is very well known for its properties of facilitating the absorption of iron in our body. Having the right amount of iron in your system prevents diseases like anemia.  So you should start eating oranges, kiwis, mandarins, rich in vitamins.




They are a great boost of energy. One cup of cereals in the morning combined with yogurt and honey is the best breakfast. Cereals contain vitamin A, E and B. They also discharge the sugar at a lower rate, offering a constant level of energy to you body. You can eat corn, oat and many others.



Dark chocolate

We all agree with this one. Chocolate doesn’t only give you energy, but also keeps your level of happiness high. These delicious aliment is rich in antioxidants with positive effects on our body. It’s perfect for chronic fatigue.

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Dark Chocolate via


Yes, you heard it right. Peas are great for fatigue. They contain proteins and vitamins such as A, K, C and Bs, but also other elements vital for out health. So next time you feel tired try some peas recipes.


Green Peas

Green vegetables

Parsley, spinach, broccoli or lettuce are pure sources of energy. They all contain the necessary vitamins to support your every day activity. Try to add them into your everyday meals.


Fresh Spinach

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