Europe’s Most Beautiful Romantic Getaways

Europe’s Most Beautiful Romantic Getaways

Escaping from the daily routine with your loved one in a remote place or a new, full of adventure one is the best that can happen. Couples love to travel because this is a new way to discover themselves, to see and experience new places, to strongly connect and create memories. But not always the best place to go with your darling is a sunny beach. For some, discovering a new, loaded with history city is the best place to be. Others prefer spa resorts. But luckily there are enough hot spots for everyone’s taste.

If you decide to take a romantic trip to Europe and you are in search for a wonderful place to discover here are 8 destinations you should have in mind.

1. Paris. Île-de-France

Paris will always be the most classical romantic European destination. In Paris couples kiss and take pictures with La Tour Eiffel. They also discover new places and small streets, they rest at cozy brasseries and taste delicious French pastry. At night, Paris is the best place to be and walk with your loved one. This city is full of romance and history and no matter the time of the year it awaits you to discover it.


Paris. Île-de-France

2. Tuscany. Italy

They say it’s one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Everywhere you turn you can find something to take your breath away: rolling hills, interesting cypresses or breathtaking coastline with a spectacular view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Tuscany is also known for it’s finest wines and great food. You can rent a room at a farmhouse, enjoy the landscape, make plans and feel wonderful together.


Tuscany, Italy

3. Capri Island. Italy

Yes, it’s Italy again because this country has so many beautiful places and all with its own tradition. Capri Island fits perfectly the idea of dolce vita. It has  amazing landscapes with waterfront villages, limestone cliffs and blue and turquoise water. Except taking long and romantic trips and admiring the landscape you can sign up for a cooking lesson for two. After you’ll spend great time preparing traditional Italian cuisine you can taste what you have prepared.


Capri Island, Italy

4. Provence. France

Provence will always be the inspiration for great art and love. It’s the place that lays between the mountains and the sea. It offers it’s viewer some marvelous landscapes: sunny, endless fields of lavender, that make everyone love Provence. Renting a car and tasting the romantic landscape of Provence will for sure bond your love.


Provence, France

5. Venice, Italy

Moving towards the northern part of Italy we discover the beautiful Venice. Venice is a romantic city and it can be a great experience for you two if you avoid crowded places. So, instead, taking a trip with a gondola it’s better to see the city while traveling by a water taxi. You can rent an apartment with a rooftop view, where you can enjoy your breakfasts and your dinners. On top, you’ll have quite a view of the city. Try to visit less crowded places because Venice has a lot of hot spots to offer and so you will have more time for yourselves.


Venice, Italy

6. Santorini. Greece

What sounds better then sunny beaches, white waterfront villages with blue roofs and the Aegean Sea everywhere you look? If you two love spectacular sunsets, Santorini is the place to go. This idyllic place has a lot of beautiful beaches and great spas that you can enjoy.


Santorini, Greece

7. Porto. Portugal

Porto is a wonderful destination for those who like to mix culture with romantic escapes. The city has many things to offer: medieval buildings, extravagant baroque churches and colorful rooftops. After an entire day spent walking through the city and admiring its medieval relics in the afternoon you can admire the sunset and the Atlantic Ocean.


Porto, Portugal

8. Bruges, Belgium

The medieval architecture of Bruges and the winding canal that passes right through the center of the city is what gives a romantic touch to this city. If you two love discovering small and beautiful places, lost in time streets and beautiful local markets with nice souvenirs, then Bruges is the place to visit. The moment you step in the city you’ll feel connected to its beauty.


Bruges, Belgium

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