DIY – 6 Cool and Original Christmas Gift Ideas Made by Yourself

DIY – 6 Cool and Original Christmas Gift Ideas Made by Yourself

There is not too much time left until Christmas, so we should start thinking about what gifts to offer to our loved ones.

Tired of all that shopping craziness before Christmas? Want to offer some really special gifts this year, but you cannot find the items you wish for? Would you like some really personal and original gifts, something personalized, something really unique? What about making yourself some cool items to offer to your loved ones on Christmas Eve?

You must have at least one talent. Think about it. If you love writing, then write some special personalized stories and offer them to your family and friends. If you are a talented singer and songwriter, why not offering some personalized songs? If you are good in the kitchen, then you can really make special yummilicious presents. And if you are a good painter or if you can create special handmade objects, then you should not hesitate! Do it yourself! A special gift made with love by your own hands will impress everybody.

Now get some inspiration from the ideas below and get ready to create the most beautiful Christmas gifts ever!

Handmade Jewelries


Your bffs, your mom or your sisters will certainly love to get a nice jewelry set made by your hands. Think about their style and tastes and make something really special for them.



You are a great painter? Then you should necessarily offer your loved ones some personal works of art. The fact that you created for them something so beautiful, will impress everyone.

Napkin Decoupage Boxes


Wooden boxes are great for keeping our jewelry or other small objects inside. And if the box looks nice it is also a great decorating item. Use the napkin decoupage technique to create some nice boxes. They will make great gifts for your loved ones.

Painted Bottles


You can transform common bottles into amazing decorating items, just by painting them.



Want to offer some sweet gifts? Why spending money on sweets when you can cook yummilicious ones at home. Everybody knows that homemade cookies are the best. Make some special ones in different shapes and put them in a nice box.

Knitted Scarves, Hats and Gloves


Everybody needs scarves, hats and gloves in this season. If you like knitting, then you can create a great Christmas gift.

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