Different Ways to Wear Bangs

Different Ways to Wear Bangs

Bangs are something you should try at least once! Your hairstyle will look fresh and give you a younger impression!

Bangs will make the eyes pop, take a few years off and will be absolutely flattering no matter your face shape! So if you want to add a bit of attitude to your style, consider a daring change of hairstyle and add bangs!

There are a lot of different hairstyle that include bangs, all you have to do is choose the one that fits your face shape best. It can also “shrink” a long forehead.

If you have a long face, avoid a blunt cut and go for bangs or a long side-swept instead. The effect will be just right! If your face is round and you want to put out your cheekbones, then you should go for straight-edge bangs or a fringe with slightly longer sides. They will make your cheekbones glow out.

Bangs will add up volume. If your hair is thin, than bangs will make it seem fuller. If you add layers that frame your face the effect will be stronger.

If your hair is thick and curly, then you should consider long side-swept bangs that will complete a dull wavy hairstyle and make it seem more playful.

Remember that bangs need trimming a few weeks apart, or else they might grow too long and reduce the effect you wanted. And dump the straightening iron! Too much use of it will ruin your trims. Use thermal protection and style it just with your hair drier and a brush. And yes, extra time for hair styling is absolutely necessary before you go out.

Check out these stylish “bangy” haircuts and get inspired.

XXL Bangs - Different Ways to Wear Bangs

XXL Bangs

Curly side-swept bangs - Different Ways to Wear Bangs

Curly side-swept bangs

Middle path side-swept bangs - Different Ways to Wear Bangs

Middle path side-swept bangs

Classic blunt bangs

Classic blunt bangs

Straight side-swept bangs on curly hair - Different Ways to Wear Bangs

Straight side-swept bangs on wavy hair

Long hair, full blunt bangs - Different Ways to Wear Bangs

Long hair, full blunt bangs

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