Delicious Spring Soups

Delicious Spring Soups

You’ve waited for the spring to come? Well, now it’s here and so rich in fresh vegetables. Take advantage of that and prepare your favorite springtime soups that will boost you with a lot of energy.

Who doesn’t like creamy soups? They have a rich texture, are fresh and full of vitamins. And what’s even greater is that it takes little time to cook them – the only thing is to know how to combine the ingredients. Don’t worry if you are not such into mixing ingredients, you can check the list we’ve made.

Carrot Soup

This is a refreshing soup that can be served with flavored bread croutons. Because the carrots are sweet you need another flavor to make this food more complex so you can add ginger. It’s a great combination! Serve it with fresh parsley leaves.

Carrot and Ginger Soup - Delicious Spring Soups

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Potato Garlic Soup

This soup can be prepared anytime but in spring is even better because you can garnish it with fresh herbs. The combination between garlic and potatoes is wonderful and the potatoes offer a creamy texture to this soup while the garlic completes the flavor.

Potato Garlic Soup - Delicious Spring Soups

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Parsley Mushrooms Soup

Preparing a mushroom soup it takes a little bit more then a while. But it really deserves because it tastes yummilicious. You can add garlic for a better flavor and half chopped mushrooms minutes before your soup is ready. Serve with fresh parsley leaves.

Parsley Mushrooms Soup - Delicious Spring Soups

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Pea Fennel Spinach Soup

Take advantage of the spring’ goodies and make a delicious spinach soup. Spinach is a great apport of energy and will make you feel wonderful. You can mix spinach with pea edamame or with broccoli. When serving this full texture soup add sunflower roasted seeds.

Pea Fennel Spinach Soup - Delicious Spring Soups

Pea Fennel Spinach Soup via

Potatoes Soup

This soup will make your day. You have to know what to combine your potatoes with. Bacon bits are a must for this soup and of course when serving add fresh celery or leek.

Potatoes Soup - Delicious Spring Soups

Potatoes Soup

There are thousands of creamy soups to choose from. And now that the green seasons just started you can prepare your favorite combinations.

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