Decorate Your Studying Place

Decorate Your Studying Place

A study room is not only the place destined for work or studying.  You can always turn a spot from your room into a place to call ‘your own’. 

Here, you can make plans for your future and set your goals. If you know how to decorate it, you can boost your creativity and enthusiasm, making work seem easier.

A comfortable desk and chair will make working more comfortable.

Cozy Desk & Fluffy Chair

Cozy Desk & Fluffy Chair – via

White and Grey Working Space

White and Grey Working Space – via

Cabinets or shelves for storage will help you organize your documents and books.

Book Shelves

Book Shelves – via

Opt for a good lighting: not too bright, but enough to allow you to do your work comfortable.

Natural Lighting

Natural Light – via


Soft Light – via

If you want to make the place warmer, you can try using rich wood grains and decorations.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture – via

Increase your energy by adding color to your room. Use beige, light blue, green or soft orange to help you keep focused, or go for bold red and orange to boost your creativity.

Orange Wallpaper

Orange Wallpaper – via

Purple Touch

Purple Touch – via

Give your room a more personal, cozy touch by placing a picture or a poster on the wall.


Personalized Wall Picture – via

Typography Poster

Typography Poster – via

You can add a living touch to your desk, like a vase with fresh-cut flowers.

Flower Vase

Flower Vase – via

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